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POD Interiors

Getting it right

We love creating great interiors that inspire your team to be more engaged and productive. Our reputation has been built on delivering fit-out works that meet tight client deadlines and budget constraints. With a wealth of experience, we are natural problem solvers who want to take the hard work out of the process.

About us


A commitment to quality

The devil is in the detail.

Whether at the design stage or during your project's execution - we will never compromise on quality. We only use quality finishes and expert trades and we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to the smallest detail.  



Honesty is a really big deal for us. 

We're about building relationships with our clients based on trust. We get to grips with all the technical aspects of your project because we want you to know we've got them covered. With us, there are no surprises.


Value engineered

We are known for our ability to simplify the complex.

We'll wrestle with your specific problems, solve them and provide you with the best value solutions. We will work with you to determine your must-haves and ensure you get what you need. There's never just one option on the table.

Our Services

We design, fit-out and de-fit commercial interiors for top tier construction companies, government, and commercial enterprises across a variety of industries. We are often called when there is a problem that our clients just want to hand over.

Design and space planning

Our process starts with fully understanding your specific requirements, which can involve multiple site visits, review of as-built plans and review of building specific fit-out guides as appropriate.

Our design stage includes initial sketch plans with options, followed by a full set of documentation once the project is confirmed, including CDC and DA plans as required.

Project management

Once approved, a program is prepared to enable the team to manage the project. During construction we take care of everything, ensuring tight document and cost control, design intent and quality.                                                                                                     
Nearing practical completion we undertake daily inspections to identify and rectify items prior to handover. Upon practical completion we work with you to list any remaining defects and then rectify them promptly, ensuring minimal impact on your team.

Facilities maintenance

Once the project is complete, we have an experienced team who can support building managers with ongoing maintenance works, including immediate response for urgent repairs.

We have been the incumbent in an A-grade building for over 10 years for one of our key clients, and we really value the relationship we have built over the years. 

Recent Works