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Our client Synergy to help with a client fitout with a very short project timeline and a limited budget to address several varying existing functional issues that were in dire need of rectification. The office was dated and becoming unsafe with partition deterioration and mechanical issues and an inherent problem of the trafficking of high amounts of residue from the factory floor into the office creating unsightly flooring that was difficult to maintain.
A tight and concise program was put in place to meet the three week project deadline. POD resolved the clients issues by undertaking a full demolition of the existing fitout and a fresh new layout was built to best meet the clients spacial, functional and aesthetic needs. POD devised new paths of travel and the installation of a transition flooring system to minimise the tracking of residue throughout the new office. The finished product was achieved on time and within budget with POD providing a fresh and functional modern office.

100% of furniture used in this project was recycled

Industry:            Construction 
Size:                     380m2
Timeframe:       4 weeks 
Key Challenges
• Tight deadline and budget 
• High traffic office involving high amounts of residue from factory floor

Project Scope
• Demo of majority of walls, glazing & doors
• Replaced 150m2 of existing ceiling tiles
• Patched up existing grid
• Replaced existing skirting where required
• Build new walls & glazed partitions plus doors
• Baffle blocking above grid to certain areas
• Painting of new walls & existing
• Removal of existing broadloom carpet and vinyl and replaced with new carpet tiles & vinyl
• Installed Transition Rugs from warehouse to office area
• Built existing kitchen and supplied fixtures & splash back and bench top plus fixtures
• Replaced and added in lighting, power & data
• Modified existing mechanical services
• Isolated existing fire services, relocated dry fire detectors and supplied & installed new detectors
• Installed frosted band to glazing and single & dual stage blinds to all windows
• Echo panel feature wall to certain areas

Statistics Furniture
Repurposed and refurbished
100% recycled 
Grades used : A, B and B+

• Total furniture 4.09 tonnes • Recycled furniture 4.09 tonnes
• Amount times recycled on average = 1.5